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The Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships (APPS) prosecutions analyzed 100 pollution reports revealed that whistleblowers helped in over 75% of all successful cases in the past 10 years. Of the thousands of ships at sea every day, up to 15% will knowingly pollute by ignoring and bypassing regulations.

The Law Protects and Rewards a Whistleblower

rewardIn 1863 to combat fraud in Union contracts during the Civil War, Congress passed the Whistleblower or Qui Tam statute. In 1986, Congress modernized the Whistleblower statute and renamed it to the False Claims Act (FCA). It became the government’s primary tool to combat fraud. Individuals who report government-program fraud bring the lawsuit on behalf of the government.
When a knowledgeable attorney like those found at The Michael Brady Lynch Firm files a False Claims Act lawsuit, he or she files it under seal. This means it is completely confidential. There is also a full disclosure statement in the suit, which details the evidence collected by a whistleblower.
After we file your suit, the Department of Justice will review the evidence before deciding to step in and determine if they want to prosecute the case. The government’s fraud investigator will work closely with you, the whistleblower to identify all responsible for the fraud.
The government could award you 15-30% of the funds the agency recovers. In order to receive the reward, you must be the first one to file a case under the False Claims Act. This is why it is key to pick an experienced attorney to work quickly to get your compensation.

Whistleblowers & Ship Air Pollution

According to statistical analysis, the United States obtained over $270 million in sanctions from 100 polluters and paid 206 whistleblowers more than $33 million in rewards under APPS.  Cruise Ship PollutionWhistleblowers are essential to alerting authorities of APPS violations and helping the successful prosecutions of APPS violations. Whistleblowers can collect up to half the fine. This has proven a great incentive in keeping the US waters free from oil and pollution free.  Otherwise, these ships become a close-knit community and make it difficult for the Coast Guard to detect crime. Therefore, APPS needs crew members to expose these crimes. Whistleblowers provide testimony, videotapes, and other evidence to law enforcement to help prosecute pollution criminals.
Six whistleblowers exposed APPS violations in U.S. v. Sea World Management & Trading, Inc. They helped convict two vessel operators. Most of the violations stem from dumping oil or other pollutants illegal into the water.  Of the thousands of ships at sea every day, up to 15% will knowingly pollute by ignoring and bypassing regulations. The other violations of APPS include discharges above the permitted level of oil and oily water, noxious liquid substances, garbage, and emissions of certain air pollutants. APPS has other requirements. Some of those include keeping an accurate Oil Record Book, staying compliant with investigation requests and complying with pollutant bans. Plus, ships cannot dispose of any plastics into the ocean.

Premier Complex Litigation Attorneys

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Most of all, our law office is resourceful and dedicated to pursuing any compensation. Because of this, we have received a high degree of peer recognition and professional achievement, such as inclusion on numerous Plaintiff Steering Committees.  We will take whatever legal measures are necessary when fighting for your rights to damages.
Therefore, if you believe you have uncovered evidence of fraud involving a government-funded program, contact us today. Our attorneys have represented many clients in the past with complex cases. We will work tirelessly to obtain results on your behalf.

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