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Many people have noticed fraudulent activities at work in a variety of industries including healthcare, manufacturing plants, government contracts, investments, etc. However, after seeing the fraud, many do not know the next steps to take. Follow these approaches after witnessing the fraud to not only stop it from happening but to also get compensation from the government.

Step 1: Collect Evidence

Photo Of A Woman Thinking 941555It is important to determine the magnitude of the fraud. This includes lawfully gathering available documents or electronic evidence. Ensure you complete this information conquest without breaking the laws or any employment agreement. The evidence can include emails, recorded phone conversations, potential witnesses, records or documents about the scheme and money. Under the False Claims Act, there are restrictions to a claim. For example, there cannot be another whistleblower who filed a complaint based on the same information. However, the best cases include those with direct harm and the amount of money involved.

Step 2: Contact an Experienced Attorney

After gathering evidence of an employer cheating the government, it is important to contact an experienced attorney in whistleblower lawsuits and the False Claims Act like those in The Michael Brady Lynch Firm. An attorney can help ensure you receive the most out of your claim. The recovery range is from 15-25 percent if the government intervenes, and if the government chooses not to intervene, 25-30 percent.
Since the False Claims Act was amended in 1986, there have been more than $30 billion in recoveries. Also, don’t let the concern of legal fees stop reporting fraud. We do not ask for any upfront costs. Our expenses are only received if there is a monetary award.

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