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A Chipotle whistleblower approached a labor union and exposed company-wide food safety issues where managers take shortcuts that reduce food safety. A report of all the issues describes the restaurant chain not doing anything to reform company policy after multiple E. coli outbreaks.

About E.Coli

Chipotle Restaurant LargeE.Coli is bacteria that normally live in the intestines of healthy people and animals. While most strains are harmless, the one found in recent patients, 0157: H7, is a specific strain that can cause serious illness. Symptoms of E.Coli typically begin two to eight days after consuming the bacteria, although most patients become ill three or four days after consumption. These symptoms include severe stomach cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting. Most people recover in five to seven days. However, those most at risk include the very young, the very old and individuals with compromised immune systems.

Chipotle Whistleblower Allegations

Since 2015, Chipotle has been dealing with the temporary shut down of more than 30 stores in six states after health officials traced E. coli to a common ingredient in its food. The company insisted on revamped food safety protocols. However, the Chipotle whistleblower insists that these protocols are just for show. He saw a worker being pressured to continue to work even while sick. This was even after the worker vomited partway into his shift. Improper training caused numerous cases of undercooked chicken. Also, quick working requirements during lunch and dinner rushes push workers to flip over chopping boards used to cut raw meat. This even means employees are pressured to keep working without time to wash their hands.

In late January, Chipotle agreed to a $2 million settlement with the state of Massachusetts after the state accused it of violating state labor laws. The alleged violations included minors employed without work permits, allowing dozens of 16- and 17-year old employees to work later than the law allows. These minors also allegedly worked beyond the nine-hour daily limit and 48-hour weekly limit.

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E. Coli is bacteria that can cause serious, sometimes fatal, infections in humans. The CDC estimates the bacteria causes 2,000 hospitalizations each year. Plus, 10% go on to develop more serious complications like hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS). HUS can cause kidney failure, damage to the central nervous system, and ultimately death.
This is why it is important to seek representation if you are a victim of the multistate E.Coli outbreak or any foodborne contamination. An experienced attorney like those at The Michael Brady Lynch Firm can help you receive compensation for your losses. We have over 20 years representing injured consumers and will use every avenue to get you justice.

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