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The United States Department of State Bureau of Diplomatic Security issued a warning to U.S. tourists about the danger of sexual assault in Nassau, Bahamas. This is not the first time the department has warned tourists about the dangers in the exotic location. In fact, this is the fourth warning this year alone.

Sexual Assaults on a Cruise

Jet SkiCruise lines are now required to report all crimes to the Department of Transportation. The number of reported sexual assaults on cruise ships jumped 550% in the first six months of 2016. Previously the statistic was 6 before jumping to 39. These statistics just account for the ones reported since many times victims are persuaded to not file a report. Even a recent Senate report agreed that these statistics are just a fragment of this common crime.
Investigations into cruise ship rape and sexual assaults are more challenging, especially without onboard law enforcement authorities. It can take days to the next port for an officer to come on board. This gives the cruise lines lots of time to sway a victim to recant or other employable measures to protect themselves from potential lawsuits. Critical prosecution evidence is often lost.

U.S. Travel Warning to Bahamas & Sexual Assault

On March 8, 2018, the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Diplomatic Security warned tourist about jet-ski operators in Nassau, Bahamas.  The agency said that jet ski operators continue to commit sexual assaults and other crimes against tourists. U.S. Embassy personnel also warn tourists to not use jet ski rentals on New Providence and Paradise Islands. This includes Cabbage Beach and Cable Beach. They strongly recommended avoiding all jet ski rental operations.
There have been numerous reports of unregulated jet ski business in the Bahamas, who have raped tourists near Cable Beach or Paradise Island. In fact, two years ago, the U.S. Embassy in Nassau states that jet ski operators sexually assaulted 5 tourists over the course of in 18 months.

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