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United Exchange Corp. is voluntarily recalling hundreds of Rugby and Major branded eyewash and irrigating solutions due to possible contamination with a microorganism. This could lead to a serious eye infection if used.
Eyewashes or irrigating solutions are used to flush the eye to relieve irritation, stinging, or itching by removing foreign material such as air pollutants or chlorinated water. The bottles in question are packaged in 4 oz. sizes. They were distributed nationwide to wholesale and retail facilities including hospitals and pharmacies. The company learned of the potential issue through the receipt of a product complaint.
United Exchange Corp. issued a recall letter and is arranging the return of all recalled products. The FDA and United Exchange Corp. warns of consumers, pharmacies and healthcare facilities to stop using and distributing the product immediately. This is the second product recall for the company for a similar issue.

If you used Eye Irrigating Solution and Eye Wash under the brand name(s) Rugby or Major and developed an eye infection, contact us at 877-513-9517 for a free consultation.
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