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This Michael Brady Lynch, lead trial attorney for The Michael Brady Lynch Firm.
Corporate Greed: Is There Any Place It Can’t Touch?
The wrecking ball of corporate greed has been destroying the resolve of Americans for decades, pillaging and taking what it can – destroying our health, our families and often our sanity in the process. Most Americans don’t know how they’re going to pay for their retirement and many can’t afford to go to the doctor, but even those who have a solid job and medical insurance are being preyed upon.
Investment advisors are lying to us about the risks and dangers of investments, roping senior citizens into unsafe securities and destroying their retirement dreams. Doctors are selling us medicines that do more harm than good, sometimes causing permanent injury or death. Even our children are getting hypnotized by advertisements to make choices we know are harmful to them. It seems like every corporation is trying to get a piece of us – while causing far more damage than what we pay for their ill-conceived goods and services.
Worst of all, as the American middle class shrinks smaller and the poor get poorer, corporations are getting richer and more powerful. Last year, the top 10 wealthiest Americans earned more than $50 billion. According to the United Nations, that’s enough money to provide a year’s worth of food to the 870 million starving people of the world.
The United States of America was founded on sound principles of fairness, equity, and justice. Fortunately, this legal backbone of our society is slow to change and refuge against corporate greed can be found there. Although we’ve lost many protections, the heartbeat of the US legal system continues to beat strongly against corporate greed in support of the American consumer.
Education about our legal system and building a heightened awareness about malicious corporate schemes is the greatest sword we can use to fight against corporate greed and dishonesty. American consumers need to know more about:

  • What to watch out for.
  • Their legal rights
  • The legal protections available.
  • How to seek compensation if they’ve been harmed.

The Michael Brady Lynch Firm is passionate about consumer advocacy and we’ve created several online resources to educate consumers and share our particular knowledge with the world. We know that the more information American consumers have about our legal system, the less giant corporations can take advantage of them. At this time, the following resources are available:

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We encourage all who believe they’ve been the victims of corporate greed to fight back. The law is there to support you and help you and your family to seek the compensation you deserve. For a free and totally confidential consultation, contact The Michael Brady Lynch Firm. We will listen to your story and discuss your legal rights and options.

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