Types of Bus Accidents

Most buses are owned and operated by local governments and schools. However, there are also tour buses, coach buses, charter buses and other buses on the road. Bus accidents are traumatic. Yet, these companies try to persuade you to make it go away. These companies want to protect themselves not you.

In 2018, there were 247 fatal bus accidents on American roadways, killing a total of 307 people. There were 843,308 buses registered for that year. There were 11,000 bus accidents that injured more than 24,000 people.

School Bus Accidents

An accident involving a child on a school bus can be one of the most devastating events for both the victim and the family. There are various circumstances that could lead to a school bus accident. These include:

  • Injury while getting on or off the bus
  • Other drivers ignoring the bus’s stop sign
  • Bus driver getting into an accident 

Plus, school buses do not have typical safety restraints as cars do.  Therefore, many victims of school bus accidents find themselves plagued with questions. Who was at fault? Was there anything that could have been done to prevent the accident or injury? Will my child have lasting permanent injuries from the accident? Who will pay the cost of medical bills? Was the school bus driver adequately trained? Was the school bus properly maintained? How can I be sure that my child is appropriately compensated when so many other children were also injured? A complex litigation attorney like those at The Michael Brady Lynch Firm can answer these questions.

Public Bus Accidents

Public bus accidents normally cause injury to many people. Many bus designs have tall overall height. This results in an extremely high center of gravity. The massive weight of the vehicle and the professional skill to maneuver it increases the risk for a bus rollover crash.

Crashes can also happen due to unfamiliar roadways or inclement weather. However, mechanical failure like brakes or steering malfunctioning cause accidents. These malfunctions could be due to owner or operating company’s negligence in performing adequate service like routine maintenance. 

The companies who own and operate commercial buses, whether they are charter vehicles, tour buses, sightseeing buses or a cross-country commercial passenger carrier, have a legal obligation to ensure that their vehicles are maintained and serviced per state and national regulations. Failure to do so is an act of negligence that just may end up taking the life of an innocent passenger.

Bus drivers, too, must undergo extensive safety training and driving instruction. If you or a loved one was involved in a bus crash, how would you know if the driver was qualified to operate the bus safely? Do they have any safety infractions on their record? Have they had adequate rest prior to undertaking a long bus trip? A skilled and dedicated legal team can uncover the facts that may help you in your effort to recover financial damages.

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