Cranio Facial Defects

Some studies suggest that taking common anti-depressants and other medications during pregnancy can more than double a child’s chance of being born with a facial birth defect.

Why haven’t the makers of these drugs warned expecting mothers? The dedicated, passionate attorneys of the Michael Brady Lynch Firm are here to fight for you if your family has been harmed. Going up against a big-time pharmaceutical company may seem like a David vs. Goliath fight, but be assured we’ll never back down, no matter the size of the opponent.

Cranial Skull (Craniosynostosis)

This is a craniofacial defect that causes one or multiple of the sutures.  The connections that separate each of the individual skull bones in a baby’s head close earlier than normal during development. Craniosynostosis causes an abnormally shaped head. In its most serious form, the abnormal head shape can put pressure on the brain.

It’s estimated that use of SSRI anti-depressants during pregnancy can increase the chance your baby will be born with craniosynostosis by 150%.

Craniosynostosis can be treated with surgery. This procedure needs to be performed while the baby is still an infant. The surgery is cosmetic, improving the appearance of the baby’s head. It’s also functional, as it relieves any pressure on the brain. Surgery ensures there is sufficient room for the baby’s brain to grow properly.

Oral Clefts – Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate

A cleft lip may appear as a small notch in the upper lip or a complete split of the lip going all the way to the base of the nose. This birth defect can change the shape of the nose. Cleft palate affects the roof of the mouth. It may be on either side of the mouth or go the full length of the palate. Babies with cleft palate can struggle to eat until the defect is corrected.

The antiepileptic drug Topamax has been shown to increase the likelihood of developing cleft palate when taken during pregnancy.

Oral clefts can be treated with surgery. Surgery when the baby is between two and nine months old. Cleft palate is more serious and can require multiple surgeries and medical devices. Surgery to fix cleft palate is usually performed before the baby turns a year old so the child’s speech skills can develop. Children will need speech and hearing treatment after surgery.

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