Skylight Falls Injuries

A skylight or rooflight is an open space in the roof that allows light to transmit into the structure. There are almost 300,000 skylights sold in the US every year. Manufacturers use glass or plastic in the construction. There are a view different types of skylights including fixed, ventilated, tubular, retractable and custom sized and shapes. 

Dangers of Skylights

Skylight falls injuries are very common. Many experience brain, spinal cord damages or could die. The biggest cause of these injuries are the skylights either breaking or leaking. These pose hazards for those on the roof and others inside the building. The most severe injuries happen when the skylight breaks. This sends the person crashing below and can also potentially injure anyone below. 

Overtime the sun can damage the chemical makeup of the skylight. Then, the skylight could be brittle and unable to withstand impact. Therefore, if someone sits or leans on the skylight, it can break. 

It isn’t just breaking, however a leaking skylight can cause slip and fall injuries. Skylights are difficult to completely seal against the weather. Therefore, anyone can accidentally slip and injure themselves. 

Various Skylight Falls Injuries

Over 40% of construction workers fell on the job. Falling can have tragic consequences.These injuries are more life-threatening than other objects due to affecting the whole body and vital organs. The chance of surviving a fall from more than 30 feet is low. Even a six feet fall can injure:

  • Spine
  • Head
  • Neck

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