Sinkhole Repair

Did you have a sinkhole repaired, but there is now new damage? There could be other signs the repairs were improperly made. Your insurance policy could give you rights for additional compensation for supplementary repairs. Even if your insurance company fights it, the law in most states require insurance companies to continue making repairs on a property, regardless of how much this costs.

Most insurance companies try everything to avoid this.  However, your home deserves to be properly repairs, and your insurance company should pay for it. 

Addressing Failed Sinkhole Repairs

Once you notice damage or other signs of a failed sinkhole repair, call an experienced complex litigation attorney about your case. Then, armed with knowledge call your insurance company. This will ensure that you are protected under your state’s law.  

It is important to ensure you have someone in your corner. A complex litigation attorney  will make sure your insurance company is fulfilling your policy and your home gets properly repaired. 

Let us Fight for You

Whether you have sinkhole coverage or not, an experienced attorney will defend your claim and help prove that the damage your home sustained should either be covered under your separate sinkhole policy. Also, the damage could have been caused by catastrophic ground cover collapse, not a sinkhole. This should be covered under your regular homeowner’s insurance policy. Contact us today for more information.

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