Sinkhole Damage

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Your home is your biggest investment. Home insurance is purchased to protect it. However, for many people seemingly innocent cracks are actually spaces caused by sinkholes. Sinkholes aren’t always huge gaping holes in the ground. There are many different types that can damage your home. This damage should be covered by your insurance policy. However, insurance companies routinely hire the same engineering firms time and again in order to provide reports so that the insurance company can deny the claim.

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sinkhole damage

Sinkhole Damage

With lots of rain in Florida and water easily moving around underneath the ground, small cracks caused by erosion eventually turn into gaping holes

Filing a Sinkhole Claim

Laws on filing sinkhole claims can be difficult to navigate. It can be hard for homeowners with legitimate sinkhole claims to get the compensation they need.

Denied Sinkhole Claim

Insurance companies are becoming more creative in how they are denying policy holder’s claims. It has caused many people to people increasingly frrustrated.

Sinkhole Repair

Structural engineers will recommend a variety of ways to fix your sinkhole. However, many homeowners wonder if the engineer sent by the insurance company has their interest in mind.

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Sinkholes can be extremely dangerous, and they never get better and only worse. If you’re a sinkhole victim, in addition to being disruptive to your life, you will be confronted with questions, tests and expenses. Negotiating a sinkhole claim on your own is difficult at best and outright impossible at worst. Hiring a complex litigation attorney can help you receive a network of resources. Contact us today for more information. 

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