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Sexual harassment is repeated unwanted attention based on sex. This behavior is actionable under Title VII and Title IX of the Civil Rights Act. It is important to contact a knowledgeable attorney like those at The Michael Brady Lynch Firm if you experienced any of these examples are your place of work.
Sexual harassment can be verbal. These can be comments about a person’s body, spreading sexual rumors, sexual remarks or accusations or dirty jokes or stories. Then, the harassment can be physical as well. Physical harassment is grabbing, rubbing, flashing or mooning, touching, pinching in a sexual way. Plus, there are visual sexual harassment examples. These include naked pictures or obscene gestures. It is important to know this behavior affects women, men or transgendered persons.

Verbal Sexual Harassment Examples

Verbal Harassment 300x170Verbal sexual harassment can be the most common form of harassment experienced. usually, this type happens after not being punished for the other forms.
Some types of verbal sexual harassment are:

  • Continuous sexual chatter or graphic sexual descriptions
  • Sexual slurs, innuendoes and other comments about a person
  • Offensive and persistent risqué jokes
  • Suggestive or insulting sounds such as whistling, wolf calls or kissing sounds
  • Sexually provocative comments or compliments about a person’s clothing or fit
  • Comments of a sexual nature about weight, body shape, size or figure
  • Comments about the sensuality of a person or significant other
  • Distribution of written or graphic derogatory materials
  • Repeated unsolicited propositions for dates and/or sexual relations
  • Asking about sexual fantasies, preferences or history

Non-Verbal Sexual Harassment Examples

Most people are aware of the verbal sexual harassment examples. However, the non-verbal behaviors could be less apparent. Some examples of these are:

  • Leering and ogling sexual looks
  • Licking lips, winking or throwing kisses
  • Lewd hand gestures
  • Persistent and unwelcome flirting
  • Constant looking a person up and down
  • Displaying sexually suggestive pictures, calendars, posters, or statues

Physical Sexual Harassment Examples

Sexual Harassment Examples 300x200Unwanted physical contact can range from offensive behavior to criminal acts. Many dismiss these behaviors as an annoyance. However, these can be sexual harassment. Also, these behaviors are inappropriate in the workplace. Some examples of unwanted sexual harassment physical contact are:

  • Inappropriate touching such as patting, pinching, stroking or brushing up against the body
  • Giving a massage around the neck or shoulders
  • Attempted or actual kissing or fondling
  • Cornering or mauling
  • Physical assault
  • Coerced sexual relations
  • Attempted rape or rape
  • Touching or rubbing oneself sexually around another person
  • Pranks such as exposing underwear or parts of the body

Free Consultation

If you have experienced sexual harassment in any form in the workplace, you should contact a qualified employment attorney as soon as possible. If the harassment has not stopped after making a formal complaint with your employer, consulting a harassment lawyer is your best option. Your attorney will be able to provide further guidance, help you file a claim with the EEOC, and help you build a case that will put an end to what you have experienced.

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