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Recently, the Pentagon released a report examining the likelihood of sexual assault on a military installation or ship. The report also ranks the prevalence of the abuse by each branch of service. The results are very shocking.

About Sexual Harassment

Female Service MembersIt is important that when unwelcome conduct crosses the line and becomes severe or pervasive enough to create an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment to seek the advice from a qualified employment lawyer experienced in sexual harassment cases for advice and help. Men and women both are guilty of sexual harassment.  A harasser can be anyone. He or she can be a supervisor, coworker or even a non-employee of the company. Anyone affected by offensive conduct could be eligible for a claim, even if he or she is not a direct victim of sexual harassment.

The Risk for Female Service Members

The Defense Department commission the report to help military officials to better identify the risk factors for sexual assault. The data is based on more than 170,000 surveys of active-duty service members collected by the RAND Corporation in 2014. The department expects the numbers to be even higher since there was a 5-year lag.

The risk for sexual assault was highest for men and women aboard the Navy’s ships. For men, “all but one of Navy men’s highest-risk installations are ships or clusters of ships, including five aircraft carriers.” For women, of the 15 installations with the highest risk for women, “13 are ships or clusters of ships, including eight of the ten aircraft carriers.”

In one stunning example, RAND found that “on one of these ships, we estimate that close to one in every 25 men was sexually assaulted in FY 2014.” However, RAND did not name the ship in question.
Navy women were at risk just as much. More than 10% of all women experienced a sexual assault at each of these high-risk installations over a one-year period. Also, more than 15% of all women experienced an assault twice on a ship.

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Sad WomanIf you have experienced sexual harassment in any form in the workplace or at school, you should contact a qualified employment attorney as soon as possible. If the harassment has not stopped after making a formal complaint, consulting a complex litigation attorney is your best option. The Michael Brady Lynch Firm will be able to provide further guidance, help you file a claim, and help you build a case that will end the harassment. We have over 20 years of helping victims. Our consultations are free. Contact us today.

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