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Nineteen women and one man have courageously came forward and filed a Lyft sexual assault lawsuit. They insist that the company puts riders in danger since the passengers were raped or sexually assaulted by Lyft drivers.

About Lyft

Milada Vigerova KT0tsYZ2YE0 UnsplashBased in San Francisco, California, Lyft is operating in 640 cities in the United States and 9 cities in Canada. Lyft uses a mobile app connecting a rider with a driver. The rider gets into the vehicle and trusts the driver will take him or her to their designated location. No cash exchanges as everything is done with a credit card tied to the app. Lyft also offers scooters and bicycle-sharing systems.
Uber is available around the globe, whereas Lyft is only in the US. However, ridership has risen 10% amidst Uber’s controversies. For example, when people thought Uber was strike-breakers at Laguardia Airport in January 2019 during a protest of the travel band, Lyft donated $1M to the ACLU. The company now occupies one-third of the U.S. ride-hailing market. However, the company still won’t update their policies to protect riders.

Lyft Sexual Assault Lawsuit

The individuals in the Lyft sexual assault lawsuit told similar experiences of their assaults. Each person fell asleep and awoke to the assault. There are over 500 allegations against the company over the last four years. Many describe sexual assault, harassment, kidnapping, and even death.
One anonymous woman said how a driver slammed her wrists together and dragged her into the car. Her husband was late to the Lyft and saw the driver speeding off with his wife in the backseat. Police found the driver with the woman still in the backseat.
The lawsuit not only is seeking damages but also wants cameras installed in the backseats of vehicles. Lyft insists that the company is constantly updating safety features and protocols.

Second Sexual Assault Lawsuit

However, these individuals aren’t the first to file a suit against the rideshare company. On September, 14 other women cited similar allegations. One woman said her driver raped her in 2017. She was taking a Lyft home after a night out with friends. The driver ended up kidnapping her at gunpoint, drove her across state lines before raping her along with two other men. She told Lyft, but she only received a canned response. The New York Police Department performed a forensic test two days after the assault and confirmed the presence of semen from two individuals.

The driver in question continued to be employed by Lyft under a new name and profile until the victim filed suit.

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After a sexual assault, it’s hard to know how to react. There is physical and emotional pain. Also, many feel confused about the next steps after a sexual assault.
At The Michael Brady Lynch Firm, we can help bring closure to rideshare sexual assault survivors. Compensation could be available. These claims can help prevent future victims and hold these companies liable for their negligence. Therefore, call today for your free, no-obligation consultation.
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