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New York has passed a new state law that expands the statute of limitations for sexual abuse victims. The Child Victims Act now allows adults up to age 28 to pursue criminal felony charges and adults up to age 55 to file sexual abuse lawsuits.

About Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse VictimsSexual abuse is devastating. This is especially true when abusers take the form of a trusted person like a mentor, teacher, or caregiver. It can take a lifetime to mend the emotional and mental pain after sexual abuse. This is why The Michael Brady Lynch Firm is dedicated to helping victims of sexual abuse receive civil justice. Someone in a position of authority should have protected you, and we will hold he or she accountable.

More Time to File Sexual Abuse Lawsuits

In January, the New York State Assembly passed the Child Victims Act, extending the time survivors have to file civil suits against perpetrators until they turn 55 years old. Additionally, victims have until 28 years old for criminal filing. Plus, the law stated on August 14th, adult survivors of child sexual abuse one year to sue their abuser or a negligent institution for offenses in the state. It doesn’t matter how long ago the abuse took place. Before this act, New York had one of the country’s most restrictive statutes of limitations. The state could not prosecute cases of child sex abuse more than five years after the abuse, and filing of civil lawsuits had to be within three years after the victim’s 18th birthday.

Being able to file civil lawsuits helps victims reclaim their dignity. It allows them to be able to name their abuser in court. At noon on August 14, there were over 400 survivors their power back and filing sexual abuse lawsuits. Unlike a criminal case, sexual abuse lawsuits allow the survivor to control the case. The burden of proof is lower, and there’s no presumption of innocence.
Also, the outcome of sexual abuse lawsuits is different. Criminal charges seek punishment, however a civil case is focused on compensation for the harm suffered. This could include money for medical and therapy expenses, psychological damage, damage to relationships and lost wages. A jury can also reward punitive damages to punish the perpetrator.

Get Legal Help

Get HelpSurvivors of sexual abuse can file civil suits against perpetrators and other responsible parties, regardless of the outcome or existence of criminal prosecution. Civil lawsuits can help a survivor seek monetary damages. This compensation can never change the abuse suffered but can help rebuild a life.
Plus, a civil suit can deter future abuse. This is why it is important if you or a loved one was the victim of sexual abuse to contact The Michael Brady Lynch Firm. We will provide a free consultation and instruct of any avenues available to you for civil litigation.

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