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Virginia paramedics received a call that a two-year-old had fallen and was unresponsible. When the first responder arrived, he found an adult male seated on the floor next to the unresponsive little boy. However, through a police investigation, officers uncovered shocking evidence of child sexual abuse.

About Sexual Abuse

Child Sexual Abuse 300x169Child sexual abuse is devastating. This is especially true when abusers take the form of a trusted person like a mentor, teacher, or caregiver. It can take a lifetime to mend the emotional and mental pain after sexual abuse. The Michael Brady Lynch Firm is dedicated to helping victims of sexual abuse receive civil justice. Someone in a position of authority should have protected you, and we will hold he or she accountable.

Tragic Child Sexual Abuse

After the police began investigating the toddler’s death, officers realized this wasn’t a neglect case. Preliminary forensic examination showed the child died from brutal blunt force trauma to the head. This trauma did not happen from a fall. Now, police allege that the mother along with her boyfriend sexually abused the toddler along with another child in the home. The boyfriend’s charges are with murder and other counts including aggravated sexual battery, inanimate sexual penetration, and possession of child pornography. The child’s mother’s charges are forcible sodomy and production of child pornography involving a child younger than 15. The additional sex crime charges against the couple occurred after police seized numerous electronic devices during the investigation.

Legal Help Is Available

Upset Child 300x169Survivors of sexual abuse can file civil suits against perpetrators and other responsible parties, regardless of the outcome or existence of criminal prosecution. Civil lawsuits can help a survivor seek monetary damages. This compensation can never change the abuse suffered but can help rebuild a life.
When a school takes advantage of you, this is wrong. We will hold these institutions liable.
Plus, a civil suit can deter future abuse. This is why it is important if you or a loved one was the victim of sexual abuse to contact The Michael Brady Lynch Firm. We will provide a free consultation and instruct of any avenues available to you for civil litigation.

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