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Many states like California and New York are extending the time survivors of sexual abuse have to file civil lawsuits against their abusers. This leaves many wondering what he or she has to do in order to receive compensation for the horrible abuse suffered as a child. The Michael Brady Lynch Firm has devised these steps to take to get the justice deserved.

Written Record

Sad Woman 1Research shows that it is very common for people who were abused to not remember the assault until years later. If you find yourself starting to remember bits and pieces of an assault, to write it down. This process could take weeks. Many recommend therapy as well to help unearth more memories. However, any information relating to the trauma can be useful in your suit.

File Suit

The next step after writing down what happened to you, is to contact a knowledgeable attorney like those found at The Michael Brady Lynch Firm. We have over 20 years of experience helping injured persons. The nationally regarded attorneys at The Michael Brady Lynch Firm are regularly asked to co-counsel cases with firms throughout the country. This is due to our expertise in pharmaceutical and complex litigation. Hence when clients work with Lead Trial Attorney and founder Michael Brady Lynch or his team of knowledgeable associates, they know they will receive the utmost care and personal touch in their individual case.

Important to File Now

In 2019, survivors in New York now have the opportunity to consider legal actions because of the Child Victims Act which creates a one-year window for people previously unable to initiate legal action because of the statute of limitations. Anyone can file.  This gives thousands the opportunity to receive civil justice when criminal statute of limitations have expired. In California, those up to age 40 can now also file a civil lawsuit. Many find that a civil suit is liberating. It allows the survivor to stand up when she or he couldn’t before and to also receive compensation for the pain and suffering endured.

Seek Help Now

Invokana SadSurvivors of sexual abuse can file civil suits against perpetrators and other responsible parties. This is regardless of the outcome or existence of a criminal prosecution. Civil lawsuits can help a survivor seek monetary damages. This compensation can never change the abuse suffered but can help rebuild a life.
Plus, a civil suit can deter future abuse. This is why it is important if you or a loved one was the victim of sexual abuse to contact The Michael Brady Lynch Firm. We will provide a free consultation and instruct of any avenues available to you for civil litigation.

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