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A new California law will allow victims of childhood sexual abuse more time to report their abusers. California is the second state to have a law like this. It comes as widespread allegations of abuse of minors by Catholic priests.

About Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is devastating. This is especially true when abusers take the form of a trusted person like a mentor, teacher, or caregiver. It can take a lifetime to mend the emotional and mental pain after sexual abuse. This is why The Michael Brady Lynch Firm is dedicated to helping victims of sexual abuse receive civil justice. Someone in a position of authority should have protected you, and we will hold him or her accountable.

New California Sexual Abuse Law

California sexual abuse lawBefore Assembly Bill 218, victims only had eight years after reaching adulthood or within three years of the date, a survivor who has reached adulthood discovered the abuse. However, the new California sexual abuse law extends the statute of limitations for reporting childhood sexual assault from the time a victim is age 26 to age 40 and increases the period for delayed reasonable discovery from three to five years.
The bill also provides a window of three years for the revival of past claims that might have expired due to the statute of limitations. In addition, damages can be trebled in cases. This happens when a child becomes a victim of sexual assault as the result of an effort to cover up past assaults.
The bill also temporarily lifts the statute of limitations on lawsuits for damages over sexual abuse allegations against former USC campus gynecologist who pled not guilty to abusing 16 former patients dating back to 2009.
Nearly 400 women made allegations against the doctor over his nearly 30-year career. However, the statute of limitations for damages prevented civil justice. The statute of limitations for damages arising from a sexual assault that occurred when the victim was an adult is 10 years from the date of the last actionable conduct or three years from the discovery of the resulting injury. Starting January 1, the new law will help these victims get the justice they deserve.

Get Legal Help

Survivors of sexual abuse can file civil suits against perpetrators and other responsible parties. This is regardless of the outcome or existence of criminal prosecution. Civil lawsuits can help a survivor seek monetary damages. This compensation can never change the abuse suffered but can help rebuild a life.
Plus, a civil suit can deter future abuse. This is why it is important if you or a loved one were the victims of sexual abuse to contact The Michael Brady Lynch Firm. We will provide a free consultation and instruct any avenues available to you for civil litigation.

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