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In New York City, 38 former students of an Orthodox Jewish school claim that two prominent rabbis from the 1960s-1980s molested them. The students attended Yeshiva University High School for Boys in New York City, and no one took their claims seriously.

About Religious Sexual Abuse

orthodox rabbis sexual abuseRabbis and leaders within religious institutions offer spiritual and moral guidance for their followers. When these leaders sexually abuse someone, it is extremely detrimental. This abuse manipulates someone’s trust and faith bringing lifelong consequences to the victim.

Orthodox Rabbis & Sexual Abuse

The boys at Yeshiva University High School for Boys in New York City endured sexual abuse from the Orthodox rabbis for years. The abuse was so rampant that rabbis would even reach to fondle boys in the school hallways. Yet, no one protected them. When the boys went to the school administration, they swept the behavior under the rug. In fact, one of the accused rabbis received a promotion to principal.
In 2013, many victims tried to sue the school for sexual abuse, but the statute of limitations at the time prevented this. Instead, the now men have faced a lifetime of pain and suffering. One victim abandoned his religious views since it rekindles the memories of the abuse. Additionally, he isn’t in contact with his parents or relatives who are observant Jews and refused to raise his children in the faith. He still is plagued by his abuse 30 years later.

Get Legal Help

risperdal gynecomastiaSurvivors of sexual abuse can file civil suits against perpetrators and other responsible parties, regardless of the outcome or existence of criminal prosecution. Civil lawsuits can help a survivor seek monetary damages. This compensation can never change the abuse suffered but can help rebuild a life.
When a religious organization takes advantage of you, this is wrong. We will hold these institutions liable.
Plus, a civil suit can deter future abuse. This is why it is important if you or a loved one was the victim of sexual abuse to contact The Michael Brady Lynch Firm. We will provide a free consultation and instruct of any avenues available to you for civil litigation.

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