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Clergy and leaders within religious institutions offer spiritual and moral guidance for their followers. When these leaders sexually abuse someone, it is extremely detrimental. This abuse manipulates someone’s trust and faith bringing lifelong consequences to the victim. Here are five warning signs of religious abuse.

5. Trauma

Physical signs of abuse include a sexual transmitted infection (STI) along with physical trauma. This could be unexplained bleeding, bruising or blood on the sheets.

4. Behavior Changes

Alone Black And White Boy Child 551590There are behavioral changes of someone experiencing abuse. This includes sexual behavior inappropriate for a child’s age. The child may regress and begin bedwetting or thumb sucking again. Plus, the child never wants to be alone or remove clothing.

3. Emotional Signs

Many children show emotional signs of abuse like excessively talking about sexual topics or nightmares.
Plus, a child could be very worried or afraid.

2. Inappropriate Adult Actions

Be aware of any religious persons that disregard a child’s physical boundaries. Also, keep an ear out for any inappropriate comments about a child’s sexual development. This could be a warning sign of religious sexual abuse. This person may also try to be a child’s friend than adult, and he or she is constantly trying to be alone with the child.

1. Tells You

If a child confides in you that he or she is being abused by a member of the church, then take that claim seriously. As history shows no matter the religion an adult in a position of religious power can take advantage of that power.

If You Suspect Abuse

Child AbuseIf you suspect religious sexual abuse it doesn’t matter how long ago the abuse happened, it is important to seek civil justice. The Michael Brady Lynch Firm has over 20 years of experience representing those who have been hurt. Civil justice can be powerful tool in helping the survivor live with the pain and suffering a religious leader caused.

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