Scooter Injuries

Electric rental scooters are a motorized form of transportation that is quickly found in every major city across the United States. What seemed like a great idea to mitigate transportation issues has now become a danger.  This isn’t just to those in the communities who have to avoid driving and narrowly missing those not paying attention to traffic laws, but also to riders using defective scooters and getting injured.

Common Injuries

The most frequent scooter injuries are head injuries, concussions and lacerations.  closed head injuries, concussions, and lacerations. However, broken bones are 27% of all cases. This includes neck and facial fractures. These injuries could have been easily prevented with a helmet. A study by an ER chairwoman at the Staten Island University Hospital noted that her patients could have easily prevented many injuries with a helmet or adequate body gear. 

These scooters look like toys, however they can go up to 30 mph. Children and the elderly alike can be injured considerably on an elecric scooter. Crashing without a helmet can cause life-threatening internal bleeding. 

Car Accidents

Most accidents don’t involve cars, however 20% of accidents involve a car hitting a rider. When this happens, it is extremely dangerous and potentially deadly. 

A recent study by Portland’s Bureau of Transportation found the scooter injury rate to be 2.2 accidents per 10,000 miles. This is higher than the previously noted national averageo of .05 per 10,000 miles. Each year the injuries keep growing. There were 8,016 in 2017 and 14,651 in 2018. 

Defective Scooters

Brakes often stop working over time. This can cause catastrophic injury along with defective tires. Companies should replace them frequently but many do not. The fuel system can also get extemely hot. This causes the gas to leak and potentionally cause a fire to the system.

Other pieces of the scooter can be defective like the frame, handle bars or headlights. Defects in the frame may lead to rust and other degrading of integral components of the scooter. 

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