Scooter Dangers

Electric scooters are a popular new transportation option in many cities. A user downloads an app to unlock the scooter. Then, they can drive it as long as they would like. Once complete, the user abandons the scooter at any location. The app on a user’s phone GPS to track the ride to calculate the charges. 

Operational Rules

On the app, a user agrees to a few operational rules. The agreement includes scanning a driver’s license and agreeing to the scooter guidelines. These range from suggestions of operational use. However, there are no helmets provided, yet one should be worn. The only rules are to obey roadway laws and avoid pedestrians, however companies don’t ensure enforcement of these rules. 

The most common electric scooter companies operating in the U.S. are Bird, Lime, and Lyft. These companies manage the scooters in the communities and provide the apps for users to access the scooters.

Common Scooter Dangers

The major concerns when it comes to scooters are sidewalk riding, speed, car accidents and abandoned scooters. Sidewalk riding is banned is many cities and states. This is due to threats to users and pedestrians. This increases the likihood of collisons on the sidewalk. Objects include poles, trash cans, benches, etc. Plus, users are traveling up to 15 mph without safety gear. 

Scooter Car Accidents

Since sidewalk riding is banned in many states and cities, users need to use the roadway while on a scooter. However, this brings even more dangers In some states and cities, users are encouraged to stay off of the sidewalk and use the roadway when traveling on an electric scooter. Cars can hit scooters and could greatly injure a rider. Scooters are light and offer little protection. Plus, head-on collisions happen. 

Abandoned Scooters

Since a user can pick up and leave a scooter anywhere, abandoned scooters pose a huge problem. Pedestrians trip over the scooters lying on the ground without a stand, and cars can run them over as well. 

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