School Bus Accidents

School buses often do not have the best safety measures to protect riders like seatbelts. Anyone who is injured in school bus accidents could be entitled to compensation to help with injuries. However, receiving compensation can be difficult if you do not have an attorney. 

About School Bus Accidents

School bus accidents are common.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), children are more likely to be injured in a bus than in a car. Every year children die in school bus accidents. Injuries are catastrophic. Plus, this means expensive medical bills along with other costs. 

Types of School Bus Accidents

There are many different reasons school bus accidents happen. The most common are: 

  • Driver error
  • Road conditions
  • Hazardous weather
  • Vehicle defects (including worn tires and faulty brakes)
  • Lack of vehicle maintenance

Liability for Accidents

There are many factors involved in an accident including catastrophic injuries. However, the responsbile parties are varying.

These include:

  • The bus driver
  • The bus manufacturer
  • The driver of another vehicle
  • The school system 
  • Local government

There may be more than one responsible party. If so, we can file a lawsuit with multiple defendants and pursue damages from all of them.

Suing a Government Entity for a School Bus Accident

In many cases, the government owns and operates school buses. Filing a claim against Florida municipalities have stricter guidelines with shorter time limits for legal actions.

Many government entities will claim sovereign immunity. However, many states have ways around it. For example, an accident victim can still take legal action when injury or harm results from negligence or wrongful actions by a government employee carrying out job-related duties or by a private employee working under the purview of a government entity.

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It can be shocking after an accident to learn how expensive, time-consuming and frustrating the process can be. For many, pain does not present itself at the scene of the accident, however, the debilitating pain begins a day or two later. This can be difficult for many Americans who do not have health insurance or disability insurance.  Therefore, it can be difficult to receive medical attention or income while out of work. 

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