Rehab Neglect

Patients trust care facilities to provide them with a reasonable standard of care. By law, this means they can expect attention, caution, and prudence that a reasonable medical professional in the same circumstances would exercise. Failure to meet this standard is considered negligence. Subsequently, any resulting damages may be claimed in a lawsuit by the injured party. When a facility undertakes patient care, it is generally required to provide this standard of care by employing sufficient staff to maintain reasonable patient outcomes.

Identifying Neglect

Pressure ulcers or bedsores are the most common signs of neglect. A person who is unable to adjust himself or herself needs to be repositioned every two hours. Plus, he or she needs good dietary nutrition and hydration to combat sores. When this doesn’t happen, the skin begins to decay, and a painful pressure ulcer starts.

Stages of a Pressure Ulcer

  • The skin begins to look lightly pigmented.
  • The skin begins to break open and the wound begins to burrow down.
  • A distinct smell occurs as the skin dies, and the sore has burrowed down to the fatty level of the skin. The wound becomes a highway for infection
  • If left untreated, the wound will tunnel down to the muscle or bone. This is a horrific and painful way to die.


Urinary tract infections are not common regardless of what a nursing facility leads you to believe. Elderly individuals need proper hydration to combat UTIs. If your loved one keeps developing UTIs, this could be a sign of neglect. Keep an eye out for bacteria collection in a urine sample. This shows bad hygiene practices.


Understaffing is the number one cause of neglect. Many facilities chose revenue over residents. They will employ a young person without certification to reside over 10 residents who need to reposition them ever two hours. Not to mention ensure they are fed, clean and have all their medical needs taken care of. This becomes almost impossible for an unskilled nursing assistant. Many of these care workers raise concerns and are either fired or ignored.

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