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Taxotere Manufacturer Hid Side Effect of Permanent Hair Loss

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. This equates to almost 300,000 U.S. women every year. Almost 75% of these women will use Taxotere to battle their cancer. But, they were never told there is a chance that by using Taxotere,  they could always look like a cancer patient.

TaxotereTaxotere, manufactured by Sanofi-Aventis, is the most prescribed chemotherapy drug. Doctors inject the drug intravenously to prevent cancer cells from growing and dividing. Doctors only need to administer Taxotere once every three weeks. Paclitaxel, a drug in the same class, is a weekly treatment. Fewer trips for treatments makes Taxotere more appealing even though other drugs like paclitaxel are just as effective.


Manufacturer, Sanofi Hid Taxotere Hair Loss Side Effects

In the late 1990s, Sanofi sponsored a 5-year study called GEICAM 9805. The study followed over 1,000 women with breast cancer who used Taxotere. The study aimed to test long-term survival on the drug, but it also uncovered a terrible side effect.  Almost 10% of women in the study suffered permanent alopecia.


Sanofi did not come forward with the results. The company withheld the results of the study from healthcare providers and patients in the United States. Instead, they issued a generic, vague and insufficient alopecia warning and promised hair would grow back.


Insufficient Warning

Patients expect hair loss during chemotherapy. It is a very common side effect in the fight against cancer. However, what is wrong is that the manufacturer never warned these women that the loss of hair could be permanent when using Taxotere. If the manufacturer informed these patients that their hair loss could be permanent, they may have chosen a different drug like paclitaxel instead.

These women never had the chance of making an informed choice. They are thrilled to be cancer-free but find themselves still looking like a cancer patient.


Getting Help

The Michael Brady Lynch Firm has over 20 years of experience fighting manufacturers who harm consumers. We want to help send a message that this is not acceptable. We are advocates for consumers who have been harmed by dangerous products, and likewise, we have the experience necessary to successfully litigate these cases.


If you went bald, suffered permanent hair loss or alopecia from Taxotere, contact us immediately. You may be entitled to a settlement, and we can help. We are handling individual litigation nationwide and currently investigating potential settlements in all 50 states.  

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