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Prilosec and other PPIs Double the Risk of Deadly Kidney Damage

This is Michael Brady Lynch, lead trial attorney for The Michael Brady Lynch Firm.
The FDA oversees advertising claims for prescription drug ads. Segments must list all the risks associated with the drug in an effort to educate consumers. What happens when a drug is available without a prescription (i.e. over-the-counter, OTC)? The FDA doesn’t regulate those ads. Therefore, OTC drug advertisements can be catchy and cute without having to list any potential side effect. Unfortunately, those unlisted side effects can be deadly, and many are completely unaware.
This is occurring right now to millions of unsuspecting Americans. Multiple studies are being published from researchers all over the globe showing proton pump inhibitor (PPIs) like Nexium, Prilosec and Aciphex can double the risk for chronic kidney disease, and people have no clue.
Since these medications are available over the counter, consumers are lulled into a false sense of security – 15 million yearly consumers to be exact. A study published by JAMA Internal Medicine warned not to take PPIs at all or to use only for the shortest possible duration. Those that increased their dosage also increased their risk for kidney disease.
Kidney disease occurs when the kidneys lose their ability to filter blood effectively. This can lead to end-stage renal failure, which is the need for life-long dialysis treatment or even a kidney transplant. More than 13% of Americans suffer from kidney disease, which can also lead to cardiovascular problems and even death.
It was not until 2014 that the FDA even spoke out against PPIs. They simply stated that there is a chance of sudden kidney inflammation, but remained mum about the connection between PPIs and chronic kidney disease. AstraZeneca, Nexium’s manufacturer, also denies the link. The company’s stance is that PPIs are safe when used in accordance with the label.
Consumers deserve the right to know all the risks before it is too late. If you or a loved one developed kidney disease from taking a PPI like Prilosec, Nexium or Aciphex, contact the dedicated attorneys at The Michael Brady Lynch Firm, today at 877-513-9517.

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