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NuvaRing: 6.5 times higher risk of developing deadly blood clots

NuvaRing (ethinyl estradiol and etonogestrel) is a flexible, plastic, contraceptive ring that releases a combination of the female hormones estrogen and progestin after being inserted into the vagina.

Merck & Co., which developed NuvaRing, marketed it as being an easy-to-use device that, once inserted, releases hormones into the bloodstream for 21 days and so requires replacing only once every three weeks.

However, while NuvaRing may be convenient, a May 2012 British Medical Journal study finds that, when compared with women who do not use hormonal birth control, women who use NuvaRing have a 6.5 times higher risk of developing deadly blood clots.

Facts about NuvaRing

The FDA approved NuvaRing in 2001, and by 2010, Merck was making millions in NuvaRing sales−$559 million in 2010 alone. However, a subsequent FDA study, released in October 2011, showed that women who use NuvaRing have a significantly higher risk of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism relative to women who use standard, low-dose estrogen birth control pills.

In 2012, Merck & Co.’s Organon subsidiary, which manufactures NuvaRing, reported approximately 950 NuvaRing lawsuits pending from plaintiffs seeking damages for injuries allegedly sustained from using the device.

Your Rights

When manufacturers produce unsafe products that create pain and suffering, you deserve compensation. Although no amount of money will change the fact that you have suffered a serious injury as a result of manufacturer irresponsibility, compensation will help offset your current and future medical costs, as well as provide for the pain and suffering you have experienced. By filing, you may also help protect other women and their families from needless distress.

NuvaRing Risks

• Deep venous thrombosis (DVT) − a blood clot that forms in a vein, usually in the lower leg or thigh.
• Pulmonary embolism (PE) – a blood clot in a deep vein that travels through the bloodstream to the lungs, often causing death.
• Stroke − Blockage or rupture of arteries in the brain due to blood clots preventing oxygen from being delivered to the brain.
• Heart Attack − When a blood clot blocks the flow of blood through a coronary artery, it can cause a heart attack.
• Death − According to an April 2011 CBS Money Watch article, a Swiss report found evidence in FDA reports that 40 women have died as a result of using the contraceptive device.

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If you or someone you know has suffered a blood clot after using NuvaRing, you may be eligible for compensation to ease the financial and emotional burdens you are experiencing. Contact us today to set up a free consultation, during which we will listen to your story, answer any questions you may have and discuss your legal rights and options. If you choose us to represent you, we will work with you on a contingency fee basis; this means you pay nothing until we have secured compensation for you, either through a jury verdict or settlement.

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