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Your Gadolinium Deposition Disease Attorney

Persons who have suffered from MRI contrast side effects may be entitled to compensation through filing gadolinium lawsuits against the manufacturers. When Chuck Norris’s wife filed three gadolinium lawsuits in 2017, the public learned about the threat of gadolinium deposition disease. Many have experienced chronic pain, kidney damage, skin problems, and cognitive loss as a result of gadolinium in MRIs or MRAs. They are fighting back by filing gadolinium lawsuits to obtain compensation for pain, suffering, and medical expenses.

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Having represented clients in nearly every major pharmaceutical litigation in the United States, our attorneys are uniquely equipped to answer any questions regarding MRI contrast issues. We have also won millions on behalf of clients harmed by dangerous drugs and medical devices. Our consultations are free and without obligation.

Gadolinium Deposition Disease Symptoms

More than 30 million Americans undergo an MRI or MRA each year. Most scans use the contrast dye gadolinium to enhance the visibility of internal organs and tissues. Manufacturers promised consumers that their kidneys would expel the chemical without any harm to them. However, gadolinium builds up in the body causing serious and chronic side effects, which causes Gadolinium Deposition Disease.
Symptoms include:

  • A persistent headache
  • Bone and joint pain
  • “Brain Fog”
  • Thickening of soft tissue
  • Skin that appears spongy or rubbery
  • Painful tendons and ligaments
  • Tightness in hands and feet
  • Burning, cutting or pins and needles pain in arms, legs, and torso

Many end up bedridden or in wheelchairs due to their loss of mobility and pain. It doesn’t matter a patient’s health beforehand. Top level athletes or young parents have been unable to work again after GDD. Treatments are costly, and there is not a cure.

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A gadolinium lawsuit may be an option for patients suffering from gadolinium retention and related complications. Gadolinium, used in dyes to increase the clarity of MRI and MRA scans, can create chemical element retention in the body, Therefore, this increases the risk of gadolinium deposition disease and nephrogenic systemic fibrosis. These conditions are accompanied with symptoms that include severe physical pain and cognitive difficulties. Affected patients and their loved ones may be able to file a lawsuit and recover damages.
Therefore, for more information, contact The Michael Brady Lynch Firm. We offer free, confidential, no obligation consultations. We have over 20 years of experience helping consumers injured by unsafe products manufactured by large companies.