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Plaintiffs Request Gadolinium MDL

On July 31, 20 federal plaintiffs asked a federal judicial panel to centralize their linear gadolinium injury cases into a multidistrict litigation in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. They want their cases transferred and centralized since the number of cases will likely be in the hundreds or more in the coming months.

About Gadolinium

Gadolinium MdlGadolinium is a chemical element carrying the atomic number 64 and the atomic symbol Gd. Belonging to a group of elements in the periodic table called Lanthanides, the chemical is a rare earth element typically used in microwave applications, color TV tubes, synthetic gemstones, compact discs, and computer memory. The medical community uses this chemical element as an injectable contrast agent when patients undergo magnetic resonance Imaging (MRI) and magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) scans.

Gadolinium MDL

Gadolinium dye manufacturers MultiHance and OptiMark are responsible for gadolinium retention in the brain and other organs. The request for an MDL in the Northern District of California is a chance for those injured by gadolinium to seek justice. It has happened before when researchers linked the dye to Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis (NSF). NSF is a serious condition that causes muscle weakness, swelling and tightening of the skin, bone pain, reduced organ function, and other side effects. Patients at risk for kidney disease developed NSF after injected with gadolinium. In 2008, there was an NSF MDL presided by Judge Dan Aaron Polster in the Northern District of Ohio. It resulted in a $5 million verdict for Paul and Karen Decker.
A single dose of GE Healthcare’s gadolinium catastrophically injured Decker. Then, he developed NSF which rendered him immobile and dependent upon 24-hour care. There are very few effective treatments for NSF, and there is no cure. This decision opened the door for punitive damages in thousands of NSF lawsuits.
Therefore, we hope for the same success in gadolinium retention cases as seen in the NSF ones.

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Doctor Mri SmallA gadolinium lawsuit may be an option for patients suffering from gadolinium retention and related complications. Gadolinium, used in dyes to increase the clarity of MRI and MRA scans, can create chemical element retention in the body, Therefore, this increases the risk of gadolinium deposition disease and nephrogenic systemic fibrosis. These conditions are accompanied with symptoms that include severe physical pain and cognitive difficulties. Affected patients and their loved ones may be able to file a lawsuit and recover damages.
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