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Actor Chuck Norris Files Gadolinium Lawsuit

Actor Chuck Norris along with his wife Gena Norris are suing three manufacturers of gadolinium. They say the dye used in Gena’s MRI scans poisoned her. She has become extremely ill. They are seeking $10 million in damages. Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Norris aren’t the only ones to take legal action. A California man has filed a lawsuit in federal court in the Northern District of California. He also claims gadolinium during his MRI poisoned him.

About Gadolinium

Chuck Norris LawsuitGadolinium is a chemical element carrying the atomic number 64 and the atomic symbol Gd. Belonging to a group of elements in the periodic table called Lanthanides, the chemical is a rare earth element typically used in microwave applications, color TV tubes, synthetic gemstones, compact discs, and computer memory. The medical community uses this chemical element as an injectable contrast agent when patients undergo magnetic resonance Imaging (MRI) and magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) scans.

Chuck Norris Gadolinium Lawsuit

According to Gena and Chuck Norris’ lawsuit, Gena Norris developed Gadolinium Deposition Disease following a routine MRI procedure. She constantly feels debilitating pain and burning throughout her body that won’t go away. A.lso, she has cognitive deficits, kidney damage, loss of energy and the ability to move around and trouble breathing because of damage to her ribs. Gena has tried multiple methods of relief. In fact, she even has tried alternative treatments in other countries. However, nothing has helped even the most common treatment of chelation. This is when a doctor injects medication to bind to the gadolinium in the bloodstream. Then, the kidneys filter the medication and metals before released in urine. Mr. and Mrs. Norris say they have spent almost $2 million to help improve Gena’s condition.

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Doctor Mri SmallA gadolinium lawsuit may be an option for patients suffering from gadolinium retention and related complications. Gadolinium, used in dyes to increase the clarity of MRI and MRA scans, can create chemical element retention in the body, Therefore, this increases the risk of gadolinium deposition disease and nephrogenic systemic fibrosis. These conditions are accompanied with symptoms that include severe physical pain and cognitive difficulties. Also, affected patients and their loved ones may be able to file a lawsuit and recover damages.
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