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Disclaimer: The Michael Brady Lynch firm no longer handles Gadolinium cases. 

Gadolinium is used as an ingredient in contrast agents which are injected into patients undergoing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) procedures to enhance the image created by the MRI. There is evidence that gadolinium does not leave the body as quickly as the drug manufacturers promised. Instead, it is being retained in various parts of the body, putting the patient at risk for gadolinium toxicity.


About Gadolnium

Gadolinium is a chemical element used in MRI and MRA imaging. However, researchers are linking the element to dangerous side effects. 

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Gadolinium Deposition Disease

Gadolinium De position Disease  develops persistent symptoms that arise within two months after the administration of GBCAs.


Gadolinium Deposition Disease Treatment

Treatment for GDD can be costly and expansive. It involves combination of rechelation and immune system modulation.


Recalls and Studies

Researchers have been citing dangers with this chemical agent as early as 1984. Even though the FDA didn’t make any warnings until 2007.

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Current Lawsuits

This chemical agent is no stranger to lawsuits as many fell victim to it in the past due to the deadly side affect of Nephrogenic systemic Fibrosis (NSF).

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