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FDA Confirms Abilify Leads to Compulsive Gambling


It sounded too sensational to be true. How can an FDA approved medication produce such a strange side effect? People thought the victims of Abilify were simply lying.  Now, thousands who tragically developed compulsive gambling behaviors from taking Abilify feel vindicated. The FDA announced that they would change the labeling on Abilify to reflect not only compulsive gambling as a side effect but also a broad range of compulsive behaviors including excessive shopping, binge eating, and hypersexuality.


Abilify Leads to Compulsive Gambling

Abilify has become a staple for millions of Americans suffering from major depression, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. They depend on drugs like Abilify to live normal lives. Manufactured by Otsuka Pharmaceutical, Abilify is one of the top-selling antipsychotic medications. In a one-year period, the drug made almost $7 billion, however, the popular drug comes with many life-ruining side effects.
Several studies linked Abilify to compulsive behaviors such as pathological gambling in people with no previous history of this issue prior to taking the drug. In a 2013 French study, 7 out of the 8 patients who took Abilify developed sudden and compulsive gambling behaviors. An English study also saw this overwhelming drive to gamble. Many of these patients felt completely preoccupied with thoughts of gambling. It was so severe that some patients even considered committing crimes for gambling funds.


Abilify Manufacturer Didn’t Warn Patients

If Otsuka Pharmaceutical properly warned patients about the possibility of impulse-control issues, many would have kept a closer eye on the development of excessive urges. They would have been informed that these strange compulsive behaviors were actually a side effect, and if they discontinued Abilify, their behaviors would stop completely. Instead, they were left with ruined lives, and those around them calling them a liar.

If you or a loved one never had a gambling problem or experienced other compulsive behaviors before taking Abilify, and after taking the drug found yourself with compulsive symptoms, please contact the dedicated attorneys at The Michael Brady Lynch Firm at 877-513-9517.

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