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About Police Brutality

Police officers and law enforcement officials have a responsibility to protect society and enforce the law.  The public rely on police officers and place their confidence in them to act appropriately, and most officers uphold that trust.  However, in very rare instances, an officer may go too far, use too much force or make a bad decision that have tragic consequences.

Police Misconduct and Abuse

Despite advances in civil rights, police brutality and police misconduct continue to be problems in the United States.  When an officer steps outside of the bounds of their authority and violate the civil rights of a citizen it not only has the potential to result in severe physical injury but damages the public’s trust in police officers.

Police brutality lawsuits not only seek to obtain compensation for the victim, but also act as an important safeguard in our society to ensure that the appropriate standards for use of force are followed.

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Police Brutality & Excessive Force

Police officers are only permitted to use the same force as the threat. When an officer uses excessive force, this violates their civil rights.

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Police Taser & Excessive Use

Taser stun guns aren’t the non-lethal force that many believe. Police have killed over 300 people from the use of the device. 90% of those victims were unarmed were not endangering the officer. Many don’t realize that repetitive shocking and excess taser use could be fatal.

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Police Shooting Deaths

A police officer drawing his or her weapon should be a last resort. However, drawing a weapon means the officer intends on using it. However, this is also when more innocent people are injured.

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False Arrest/Wrongful Imprisonment

There are checks and balances to the authority of a police officer. Therefore, falsely arresting or placing someone in prison without cause not only is illegal but could have disastorous ramifications financially and/or emotionally for the victim.

Free Police Brutality Consultation

PrEp Kidney IssuesHigh profile cases of police brutality are reported by the media, however there are many cases of excessive force that is never investigated. However, the knowledgable attorneys at The Michael Brady Lynch Firm will ensure that your case is heard. Our experienced staff is standing by to help you receive the civil justice you deserve. Therefore if you or a loved one suffered from serious personal injury or wrongful death at the hands of a police officer, contact us for your free consultation. You pay nothing until we win. Call today.

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