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Investment Types

​Some investment types are more problematic than others when it comes to investor fraud. That’s not because they’re fraudulent by themselves – some investors may even benefit from these securities.

The problem is, certain ‘specialty’ investments pay the brokers who sell them very high commissions, making them exceedingly attractive to fraudsters looking to make a quick buck from an unsuitable sale.

Different Investment Types

Make sure you do your research about the actual risks and dangers of any investment your broker recommends before you agree to purchase it. Your broker may not be telling you everything, especially if he’s recommending you buy the following:

Annuities (CD/Bonds)

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Exchange Traded Funds

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Limited Partnerships

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Mortgage Backed Securities


Real Estate Investment Trusts

Real Estate

Reversible Convertible Securities

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Unit Investment Trusts

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Don’t Take it on the Chin! Get Your Money Back!

When a stockbroker or brokerage firm purposefully wrongs you, lies to you, or completely ‘drops the ball’ on your account, you deserve compensation for any and all damages that happen as a result.

State and Federal laws exist to protect investors from investment fraud; however, you must take action to preserve your rights and receive the compensation you deserve.

If you were financially harmed by your brokerage firm or stockbroker, or if someone in your family has been taken advantage of, compensation is available.

Stock fraud victims may be eligible to receive payment for:

  • Investment losses
  • Interest
  • Attorney’s fees and legal costs
  • Punitive damages

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