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Broker Negligence

Investor fraud and broker negligence happen when a stockbroker or brokerage firm purposefully defrauds you or accidentally neglects to give your investment accounts the diligence and service required by law.

American consumers trust Wall Street brokerage firms to safeguard billions of dollars of personal assets. In most circumstances, investors receive the best professional services available, but when greed, dishonesty, and broker negligence are thrown into the mix, innocent consumers can lose their life savings in a heartbeat.

Broker negligence and investor fraud claims typically involve a combination of multiple violations. The most common are:

401(k) Mismanagement

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Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Trust Torn

Breach of Contract

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Supervision Failure


Selling Away

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Compensation is Available

Millions of investors are harmed by broker negligence and Wall Street fraud every single year. However, most defrauded investors don’t take action to get their money back. As a result, corrupt and negligent banks, brokerage firms and stockbrokers continue to steal and cause financial damages to consumers without facing justice.

If you are a victim of investment fraud, you deserve compensation, and The Michael Brady Lynch Firm wants to help you get it. Investors who lost money due to stock fraud may be eligible to receive payment for multiple types of compensation, including:

  • Investment losses
  • Interest
  • Attorney’s fees and legal costs
  • Punitive damages

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