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Food Poisoning FDA Safety Updates

.Salmonella Outbreak Salmonella Outbreak Shows Problems in Poultry Industry

Half a decade after U.S. representatives wrote to the USDA about the agency’s unacceptable response to a previous salmonella outbreak traced to chicken, this current outbreak shows that nothing has changed. Just this month, federal health officials announced that antibiotic-resistant salmonella infected 92 people.


Salmonella Kosher Chicken

Deadly Salmonella Kosher Chicken

The CDC announced 16 people have become sick, and one has died after consuming salmonella kosher chicken. Eight people required hospitalization. This also included the person who died. The agency also received reports from multiple states.


Chopped Romaine

Multistate E.Coli Outbreak Injures Many According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), tainted chopped, romaine lettuce grown in Yuma, Arizona caused a multistate E.Coli outbreak affecting nearly 60 people from 16 states. Thirty-one people have been hospitalized since March 13.


microgreens recalledMicrogreens Recalled for Listeria
Greenbelt Greenhouse LTD of British Columbia, Canada is recalling all Greenbelt Microgreen products with the dates from April 24 to April 30. The microgreens are contaminated with the pathogen, Listeria. This virus can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems.



The CDC released a list of foods that could make you sick. The government agency has linked these foods more often with foodborne illnesses than any other on the market.


Pre Cut Melon SalmonellaPre-Cut Melon Salmonella Sold in 23 States

The FDA has now linked pre-cut melon salmonella to 23 states. Cut watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe, as well as fruit salads containing these melons, have injured at least 60 people so far. The FDA expects this number to grow as not all people report their injuries to the government agency.


Kellogg Cereal RecallMassive Kellogg Cereal Recall

The famous cereal company, Kellogg is recalling an estimated 1.3 million cases of Honey Smacks cereal from more than 30 U.S. states. The company cites the cereal is contaminated with salmonella and has injured over 70 people.


Stomach PainSteps After Eating an Outbreak Contaminated Food It is scary when there is an outbreak of contaminated food. Lives are in danger. Plus, there can be devasting consequences. Reporting the incident is just one step. It is important to know the others to receive the most compensation after your illness.

Romaine RecallSecond Romaine Recall Affects Trader Joe’s and Kroger Shoppers Just a few weeks after a previous romaine recall rocked the country earlier this summer, the FDA is recalling the lettuce once more. This time it is from cyclospora contaminating multiple salad and wrap products sold by grocery stores including Kroger, Trader Joe’s and Walgreens.

Goldfish Crackers RecallNationwide Goldfish Cracker Recall After being notified that multiple packages and varieties of Pepperidge Farms goldfish crackers contain the bacteria, Salmonella, the company has issued a nationwide recall. Thus far, the Centers for Disease Control has not received any illness reports.

McDonald’s Salads Injure Almost 500Mcdonalds Salads

Currently, McDonald’s salads have infected 476 people with the parasite, cyclospora. The FDA confirms that the outbreak has spread to 15 states with 21 people needing hospitalization. However, the agency expects this number to continue to grow as more ill people come forward


Washington SalmonellaRestaurant Responsible for Washington Salmonella Outbreak The FDA is investigating an outbreak of salmonella at Burien Fresh Smoothies, a restaurant in Washington. The agency hasn’t released the source of the Washington salmonella outbreak.  Seven people have become ill, but researchers expect that number to rise.

Ground Beef RecallMore Grocery Stores Affected By Ground Beef Recall The Colorado-based company Cargill Meat Solutions has recalled around 132,606 pounds of ground beef products due to an E. coli contamination. The company produced and packaged the meat on June 21 and sold it to many grocery stores including Publix, Safeway, and Target.

Stomach PainFDA Has Linked Romaine Recall to California The FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb announced on Twitter that the agency traced the romaine recall to the West Coast. The CDC still warns to not eat any romaine lettuce since it still hasn’t discovered the source of the contamination.


Listeria Infection

Third Mushroom Listeria Outbreak Injures Many The FDA now warns against the third brand of imported enoki mushrooms under recall because of links to a Listeria outbreak that has sickened dozens


Subway Logo VectorFederal Agency Coverup E. coli Outbreak at Subway Federal officials from the FDA and CDC silently released information that at least four states had patients with confirmed E. coli after eating at the popular chain, Subway. The agencies didn’t release specifics on the patients.

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