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Four Steps After a Construction Accident

At construction sites, there are numerous risks that can put a construction worker in jeopardy. This could be from the heavy equipment, scaffolding or ladder issues, or just faulty equipment.  Sometimes the pressure to complete projects faster can put workers in danger. As workers rush to the deadline, mistakes are made or corners are cut. This makes a construction accident more likely to happen. However, when it does occur, what are the steps a family should follow?

Step 1 – Seek Medical Attention

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It is important to know that as soon as you are hurt on a job site. The company is already trying to protect itself. Even if the company was at fault, they will do their best to discredit their negligence to avoid liability. This is why it is imperative to see a medical professional as soon as you can. Many companies chose the doctor for the employee. It is imperative to see a doctor of your own choosing and not theirs. Plus, follow all recommendations and follow-up with care. An attorney can help ensure you are getting the medical care for a work injury if there are issues getting the best care.

Step 2 – Report An Injury

The next important step is to notify the management of the injury. This usually involves filling out an incident report. The report will detail where the accident occurred, how it happened, and when. Plus, list all medical issues involved, no matter how seemingly insignificant. An attorney can help if any documents are complex. Do not sign anything you are not sure of. Also, keep any copies of the accident report or any other documentation for your own records.

Step 3 – Gather Evidence

A company will immediately start gathering information about the accident. It is important to gather your own evidence of the event. This includes photographs of any injury, the accident scene, and the entire worksite. Plus, write down a complete account of what happened. This could include asking co-workers to write down their memories of the day. Create a file full of communications from your employer, doctors, worker’s compensation claims, or insurance company.

Step 4 – Get a Free Consultation

eliquis helpWhen you are injured in a construction accident, you would like the company to take responsibility for their negligence and pay for medical care. However, that doesn’t always happen. Getting a free consultation from the dedicated and experienced attorneys at The Michael Brady Lynch could help ensure that any bills incurred from the construction accident are paid by the company and not you. For more information, fill out the form on the right or call us toll-free at (888) 585-5970.

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