Disclaimer: Note that the firm is no longer accepting cases for the anti-psychotic medication Abilify or Tylenol autism cases. Thank you.
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Elmiron Multidistrict Litigation

Elmiron Multidistrict Litigation

Elmiron is a drug prescribed for a chronic and painful bladder condition called interstitial cystitis. The medication was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 1996 and is the only approved treatment for this condition. It is manufactured and distributed by Johnson & Johnson and Janssen Pharmaceuticals.

Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Lawsuit

Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Lawsuit

Our lawyers here at The Michael Brady Lynch Firm are now handling the lawsuit claims of injuries and deaths of the water contamination at a Marine Corps base called Camp Lejeune in North Carolina[1]. The injury criteria sets forth any injured person related to the water contamination between the years of 1953 in 1987.

Burn Injury FAQ

Here are the most common questions our clients have in regards to their burn injury. Responsibility depends on what happened during your injury. It could be the manufacturer’s fault. This includes a defective gas control valve. However, an individual could be...

Burn Injury Examples

Burn injuries can happen anywhere. This includes home, work, car accidents, public places, sporting events and even wildfires. However, the majority of these incidents happen at home. Yet, this doesn’t mean it is your fault. Manufacturers purposely make dangerous...

Types of Burn Injury Lawsuits

A burn injury is a type of injury to the skin or other tissue caused by heat, cold, electricity, chemicals, friction, or radiation. Serious burn injuries must always be handled with the utmost care, they are painful, can leave permanent scars, and may require...

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