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Family members of a man shot to death by Virginia Beach Police have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the officer and police department. Body camera video captured the shooting of the 57-year-old disabled man in February.

About Police Shooting Deaths

Wrongful DeathUnjustified shootings that kill men, women, and children in America are not only wrong but it is illegal. Financial gain will never replace losing a loved one in such a violent way, however multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements against state and local police agencies are possible.  Successful litigation will show that an officer did not use reasonable force under the law. When he or she does, this violates your Fourth Amendment right according to the US Constitution.
Every year almost 1,000 people are unjustly murdered by police officers. But, help is available.

Virginia Beach Wrongful Death Suit

The situation that led to the Virginia Beach man’s death began when officers responded to a report of a man attempting to self-harm with a knife. During several hours of negotiations, the man picked up the knife. Officers said he was threatening them. However, bodycam footage shows the man threatening himself and not the officers.
The lawsuit seeks $15 million in damages, however, the family is seeking accountability. The man began to spiral after losing his wife and mother. He was suicidal not a danger to anyone. The family called the officer’s conduct in shooting the man reckless and unreasonable. Furthermore, the man was disabled from a trucking accident and could never lunge at police like was suggested. The man walked either with a cane or walker.

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PrEp Kidney IssuesHigh profile cases of police brutality are reported by the media, however, there are many cases of excessive force that is never investigated. However, the knowledgable attorneys at The Michael Brady Lynch Firm will ensure a court heard your case. Our experienced staff is standing by to help you receive the civil justice you deserve. Therefore if you or a loved one suffered from serious personal injury or wrongful death at the hands of a police officer, contact us for your free consultation. You pay nothing until we win. Call today.

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