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Precious Pals Pet Rescue

While hosting an event for 100 lawyers at the American Association for Justice’s annual convention in downtown Los Angeles, Michael Brady Lynch decided to use to opportunity to raise awareness.

The Michael Brady Lynch Firm joined with Precious Pals Pet Rescue to help raise $1,500 to help rescue small breed dogs with medical issues.

With help from events like The Michael Brady Lynch Firm’s, Precious Pals Pet Rescue can soon open its own facility without relying on foster homes.


Every year The Michael Brady Lynch Firm attends the annual American Association for Justice’s Annual Convention to gain valuable knowledge, tactics and trial skills to better serve their clients. For the 2016 Annual Convention, the dedicated attorneys at the firm decided to not just demand justice for their clients but for our canine companions.

Attorney Michael Brady Lynch hosted a party at The Standard Hotel in downtown Los Angeles with over 100 attorneys and friends in attendance. The event raised nearly $1,500 for the Precious Pals Pet Rescue (PPPR). This non-profit animal rescue is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals from high-kill shelters in the Los Angeles City area.


About Precious Pals Pet Rescue

Like the firm’s founder Michael Brady Lynch, PPPR’s President, Mindi Memel has a long history of devoting her life to those needing help. At PPPR, Memel rescues mainly small breeds nearly all with medical issues. They strive to keep a fund large enough to aid in these expenses when rescuing the most neglected.

“These hosted events like the one The Michael Brady Lynch Firm had are so important,” Memel said. “Because it’s where we can raise the most funds and get the word out about who we are and what we do.”

Memel hopes that eventually, PPPR can open its own facility without relying on foster homes, a mobile vet service to provide care to low-income families along with a dedicated SUV to provide transportation of the animals. Memel said that PPPR wouldn’t be able to continue without fundraisers like the one held by The Michael Brady Lynch Firm.

If you would like to join The Michael Brady Lynch Firm in donating, please navigate to the Precious Pals Pet Rescue website at http://www.preciouspalspetrescue.org/

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