Other Watercraft Accidents

There are accidents that happen on the water that do not involve a boat. These other watercraft accidents can be just as dangerous.

Jet Ski Accident Claims

Jet ski accidents can often be very severe. This is usually due to the rider not having any protections from crashes. Accidents could be from the rider’s negligence, but it could also be from other vessel operators not being aware of a jet skier. 

The majority of fresh or salt water jet ski accidents are due to collisions with other jet skis and other types of vessels, swimmers, and objects. This could also be when people try to race another or get too close to another jet ski.

Shrimping and Fishing Boat Accidents

There are many hard-working Americans who spend long days shrimping and fishing along the Gulf Coast and other waterways. Many boating accidents happen regardless of how careful an operator is.  

Common shrimping industry accidents include:

  • Falling overboard
  • Collisions
  • Getting caught in shrimping nets or lines
  • Slip and falls
  • Exposure to toxic substances and electrical currents
  • Struck by falling objects
  • Sinking, grounding, or capsizing of the vessel
  • Entanglement 
  • Winch or other heavy equipment accidents 

Pontoon Boat Accidents

Pontoon boats are great for an afternoon on the water, but they can be dangerous. When a passenger sits on the outside railing or edge of the boat to dangle his or her feet over the edge, this can lead to drowning, propeller accidents and passengers being run over. Operators of the boat as well as concessionaires who rent pontoon boats can be held accountable for their negligence. 

Waterskiing and Towing Accidents

Towing accidents are scarily common. Plus, a boat being pulled at high speeds can cause horrid injuries. If the driver of the boat acts recklessly or in violation of safety rules, they can be held accountable for the injuries they inflict on those who put their trust in them. 

Marina and Dock Accidents

Accidents don’t just happen on the boat, but can be on the dock as well. Dockworkers and other marina workers can be injured as well. 

Wave Runner Accidents

Wave runners are a brand of jet skis that are different from jet skis. On a wave runner, the rider does not stand up like a jet ski but sits down. However, with a wave runner the water shoots out the back of the vessel. This spout of water could limit the visibility of watercraft behind the wave runner that could increase the rise of accidents. 

Yacht Accidents

Yacht accidents are unfortunately common. This even happens when a professional crew mans the vessel. A yacht owner may not invest the resources necessary to maintain the vessel in a safe condition. Also, there could be a manufacturing defect. 


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