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Motorcycle accidents can have life-altering consequences. Even when trying to be the safest as possible, there are still dangers.  This list shows the most dangerous states with the highest fatality rates per 10,000 registered motorcycles.

10. Louisiana

Photo Of Black And Gray Touring Motorcycle 1192332Fatal Motorcycle Accidents: 8.45
Louisiana is tenth on this list with 96 fatalities last year. There are only around 113,000 registered motorcycles in the state, so this equals about 8 fatalities per 10,000. A reason the state ranks so high is the increased alcohol and driving rates, which can spell disaster for motorcycles.

9. Missouri

Fatal Motorcycle Accidents: 8.75
Missouri is only slightly higher than Louisiana on this list. This midwestern state had 121 fatalities last year. Many think the long stretches of highway around the state unfortunately raises the rate of accidents.

8. Kentucky

Fatal Motorcycle Accidents: 8.90
Kentucky takes the eight spot on this list. There are almost 9 fatalities per 101,000 registered motorcyclists.

7. New Mexico

Fatal Motorcycle Accidents: 9.18
Motorcycle accidents can happen anywhere, however they are much more common in New Mexico. Out of 57,000 registered motorcycles, every 9 accidents are fatal.

6. North Carolina

Motor Bike Running Close Up Photography 2519374
Fatal Motorcycle Accidents: 9.32
Just barely above New Mexico on this list is North Carolina. There are almost 9 and a half fatal accidents per nearly 190,000 registered motorcyclists in the state. Many of these happen on the beautiful mountain roads in the area.

5. Arizona

Fatal Motorcycle Accidents: 9.94
Almost 10 out of ever 10,000 registered motorcyclists in the state of Arizona were killed last year. There are just over 164,000 registered motorcycles in the state. The nice warm air with almost year-round riding weather means more riders and more chances for danger.

4. Florida

Fatal Motorcycle Accidents: 10.06
The Sunshine State has over 10 fatalities per registered motorcycles. There are nearly 600,000 registered motorcycles in the state. This is almost the most in the entire country. (Second to California that has almost 850,000 an is 20th on this list).

3. South Carolina

Fatal Motorcycle Accidents: 12.27
South Carolina has almost 13 fatalities per registered motorcyclists in the state. Experts think the numbers are so high due to this state’s high driver rates. Other vehicles are very often the culprit in motorcycle accidents.

2. Texas

Fatal Motorcycle Accidents: 13.44
Man Riding Motorcycle On Road 775205Almost 14 fatalities per 10,000 registered motorcycles in the Lone Star state. Many recent motorcycle accidents occur from a vehicle losing control and striking a motorcyclist.

1. Mississippi

Fatal Motorcycle Accidents: 14.22
There are less than 30,000 registered motorcycles in Mississippi. However, there are almost 14.5 fatality rates. Almost every report of an accident in the Magnolia State has led to the death of the driver and passengers.

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