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Lyft drivers are charged with the task of ferrying passengers that hail them with the Lyft app to specified destinations. This is a simple enough task but as one may expect, things do not always go as planned. Like with anything else involving driving a car on the road, there is a risk of an accident occurring and injuries being sustained.

Common Car Accident Injuries

Lyft Passenger InjuredCar accidents are a leading cause of injuries. Every year, nearly 6 million people experience car accident injuries.  Of these, over 30,000 of were fatal. The most common injuries that people sustain after an accident are the head, neck, back and check injuries. These can vary from minor aches and pains to needing extensive medical treatment coupled with long-term medical care.

Lyft Passenger Injured After Accident

In St. Petersburg, Florida a gentleman hailed a Lyft to drive him to a local bar. However, when the driver missed the entrance, he slammed on the brakes. This caused the car to cross the double yellow line while trying to make a turn. Because of the abrupt stopping, a van behind the Lyft rear-ended the car. The impact caused the passenger to hurt his neck. However, he didn’t realize the extent of the injuries to his neck, shoulder, and back until later. This is why he didn’t call an ambulance right away, and the Lyft driver didn’t call either. Instead, the driver left the scene.
The injured Lyft passenger called the police, however, both drivers were gone. While trying to access information about the driver on the app, there was nothing listed. Representatives of the company did not help. They said the company couldn’t provide the information. Finally, the injured passenger received an adjuster to his claim.

Third Party Accident Claims

The process of seeking compensation for injuries sustained from a Lyft or Uber drive can take a long time. Lyft’s insurance covers up to $1 million in damages per injured Lyft passenger. However, large companies want to minimize this amount.  Not only are passengers trying to recover from injuries, but now they must prove their case. Large companies have extensive resources to find any loophole to avoid payment. Claim adjusters from these companies will pick apart any injuries. Plus, many of them use shady tactics to trick you out of compensation. This is why haven’t a complex litigation attorney on your side is so important. Trying to file a Lyft accident claim on your own can result in all kinds of difficulties. For example, an attorney can help speed along your claim.

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Car Accident 2It can be shocking after an accident to learn how expensive, time-consuming and frustrating the process can be. For many, pain does not present itself at the scene of the accident, however, the debilitating pain begins a day or two later. This can be difficult for many Americans who do not have health insurance or disability insurance.  Therefore, it can be difficult to receive medical attention or income while out of work.
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