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Florida’s U.S. 1 is America’s deadliest highway, according to Geotab. In the past decade, U.S. 1 had the most fatal crashes of any road in the entire country. Geotab, which specializes in fleet management solutions, looked at the fatal crash rate, number of crashes and number of fatalities in all 50 states. Then, the organization found Florida’s U.S. 1 ranked No. 1 in all three categories.

Americas Deadliest HighwayCommon Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents are a leading cause of injuries. Every year, nearly 6 million people experience car accident injuries.  Of these, over 30,000 were fatal. The most common injuries that people sustain after an accident are the head, neck, back and check injuries. These can vary from minor aches and pains to needing extensive medical treatment coupled with long-term medical care.

A Look Inside America’s Deadliest Highway

According to Geotab’s report, there have been 1,011 deadly crashes resulting in 1,079 fatalities on U.S. 1. This highway runs through 13 Florida counties. It starts at the Florida-Georgia border and runs all the way to the southern tip of Key West. Through much of Florida, U.S. 1 is known as Dixie Highway. However, in St. Augustine, it’s named Ponce de Leon Boulevard. When it reaches Duval County, U.S. 1 becomes Philips Highway, then Kings Avenue for a few blocks. Then as the road turns northwest, the name changes to Martin Luther King Expressway and New Kings Road.

The highway with the second-highest fatality rate was Interstate 40 in Tennessee. Interstate 40’s fatality rate was half of U.S. 1’s.

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