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According to the Department of Transportation, last year, Florida had nearly 400,000 automobile crashes. Over half injured or killed those involved. To avoid being the victim of a car accident, it is important to be aware of the common Florida accident causes.

Distracted DriverDistracted Driving

Florida leads the country in distracted drivers. This is because it is not yet illegal to text and drive in the state. Officers cannot pull over a driver unless he or she is doing something illegal. Therefore, texting and driving are one of the biggest causes of crashes in Florida. Other forms of distracted driving are talking on the phone, eating, talking to passengers, fiddling with the radio or navigation system, and anything else drawing attention off the road.

Ignoring Traffic Lights or Road Signs

Running a red or yellow light along with disregarding roads signs like stop signs increase the risk of a Florida accident. Plus, these accidents are now three times more common than other crashes. Approximately 90,000 car accident injuries from disobeying traffic lights or signs happen every year in Florida.


Exceeding the posted speed limit increases the risk of a Florida accident. Higher speeds make it harder for a driver to negotiate turns safely or stop quickly. The Florida Department of Transportation mandates maximum speeds of 70 mph on Interstates, 65 mph on 4-lane divided highways outside urban areas and 60 mph on other state highways. Plus, there are posted speed limits on residential roads. Speeding coupled with other factors like weather conditions, poor lighting, the unfamiliarity of the road, length of the trip, etc. can increase the crash probability.

Driving Under the Influence

Between 2003 and 2012, drunk drivers in the state of Florida killed 8,476 people. Also, nearly 3% of Florida drivers admit to operating a motor vehicle while impaired. The national average is 1.9%. Florida, like all other states in the country, it is illegal to operate a vehicle with a BAC of 0.08 or more. An officer may arrest any driver who shows impairment and are unable to pass field sobriety tests regardless of BAC level. If an underage driver is caught driving under the influence, an officer will immediately arrest him or her. Florida has a no-tolerance policy for underage driving impairment. Also, the BAC level of anyone with a commercial driver’s license is 0.04.

Help After a Florida Crash Injury

Florida CrashIt can be shocking after an accident to learn how expensive, time-consuming and frustrating the process can be. For many, pain does not present itself at the scene of the accident, however, the debilitating pain begins a day or two later. This can be difficult for many Americans who do not have health insurance or disability insurance.  Therefore, it can be difficult to receive medical attention or income while out of work.
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