Motorcycle Disfigurement

Motorcycle disfigurement can bring long-term consequences. It creates a financial burden from medical bills and constant pain. This doesn’t take into account the psychological trauma of disfigurement. This is why a complex litigation attorney is your best bet at recovering any damages after a crash.

Types of Motorcycle Disfigurement

The two most common types of motorcycle disfigurement are burns and amputations. The burns usually come from a fire or road rash. Road rash is when the body makes contact with the asphalt. The contact causes minor abrasions or severe tissue damage.

With fire burns or road rash, the severity can determine the likelihood of a lifetime disfigurement. First-degree burns usually have superficial skin damage to the skin. However, second-degree burns damage both layers of the skin and leaves scars. Then, there are third-degree burns. These carry the most risk of permanent scarring and infection. With these burns, the muscles, nerves and even bones are injured, too.

Another type of disfiguring injury that can happen in a motorcycle accident is the loss of a limb. When an arm or leg is pinned under the bike, disfigurement can occur. Sometimes doctors can reattach the limb but other times the function can never be restored.

Disfigurement Accident Claim

A motorcycle disfigurement can leave someone with a huge reduction of quality of life. This may prevent the patient from working. Also, the disfigured motorcycle rider may never be able to work in the same career again. Then, there are social issues. Disfigured people may be too embarrassed to go outside the home. These are important considerations when deciding on whether to file a claim. A complex litigation attorney can help when deciding a claim.

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If you or a loved one have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you should first seek immediate medical treatment. The Michael Brady Lynch Firm offers free consultations. Getting legal help can put your mind at ease and let you focus on what matters most — getting better.

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