Motorcycle Accident Bone Fractures

The most frequent injury after a motorcycle accident are bone fractures. They happen at an alarming rate and bring significant costs and pain. This matter when trying to determine case value. 

Common Motorcycle Accident Bone Fractures Causes

Bones break because they cannot take the force applied to them. Usually, a one-time event causes this. Bones can break cleanly or shatter. However, a series of blows can cause so much stress that the bone finally fractures.

The common situations of motorcycle accident bone fractures are being thrown from your motorcycle. Then, your elbow slams into the ground. Other times it is being pinched  by your leg between another vehicle. Sometimes even just colliding can break your fingers.

Bone Break Types

There are a few different types of fractures that can happen from motorcycle accidents. 

These are:

  • Simple: Damage to the neighboring skin, tissue, or other body parts
  • Compound: Bone pierces the skin or damages nearby body parts
  • Stable: The bones break but are not otherwise disturbed or out of line
  • Traverse: The bone breaks in a horizontal fashion
  • Oblique: The bone breaks in an angled manner
  • Comminuted: The bone breaks into several parts

Common Broken Bones

Breaking a bone can affect the rest of your life. Your broken bone(s) can also influence the court in your compensation amount.

Fractures in the lower and middle part of the spines are quite common in motorcycle accidents. These injuries can occur at slow or fast speeds because the spine is such a fragile part of the body.

Though normally avoided by wearing a helmet, skull fractures in motorcycle collisions can happen at fast speeds and cause serious long-term health effects.

Many motorcycle accidents have broken bone injuries because riders normally use this part of their body to brace themselves or shield themselves from a more critical threat.

The shin is one of the strongest parts of your body. Therefore, only the most forceful and fast motorcycle crashes cause them to break. However, when the shin does break, it can fracture into several chunks and cause long-lasting damage.

Pelvis injuries also normally arise in the most serious of motorcycle accidents. Yet, a broken pelvis can threaten your life due to severe bleeding and other factors. Also, it is typically indicative of other critical health issues.

Possible Motorcycle Accident Bone Fractures Compensation

Many states say that injured motorcyclist may recover financial compensation for broken bone injuries. It is important to contact us for more information regarding your state’s laws.  

Some types of compensation includes:

  • Pain and Suffering: An injured motorcyclist can recover for the initial and residual pain that a fractured bone causes and any surgeries that it requires.
  • Medical Expenses: All medical care incurred immediately after a motorcycle collision as well as expenses related to ongoing care. This can include emergency room treatment, ambulance trip, doctor bills, hospital bills, surgical bills, rehabilitation center bills, physical therapy, medical devices, nursing care, and  medications.
  • Lost Income: You may recover lost wages if you are temporarily or permanently prevented from working.  

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