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This winter was brutal for most of the United States. The winter storms brought sub-zero temperatures, icy roads and several feet of snow. However, this severe cold and snow can affect building materials. For many places, this weather damaged structures and exposed many to the deadly material of asbestos.

About Asbestos

AsbestosThe Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) identifies six types of asbestos minerals: chrysotile, amosite, crocidolite, tremolite, anthophyllite, and actinolite. Although all commercial forms of asbestos are carcinogenic, there are differences in their chemical compositions.
Asbestos once filled countless U.S. homes and businesses in the form of insulation and heat-protecting materials. Throughout the construction boom following WWII, asbestos was a key element in thousands of industrial and household products, including drywall, wiring, glues, and adhesives, ceiling tiles, cement, and shingles.
Some of these asbestos products remain in old structures and are usually harmless. This is as long as no one disturbs the substance. Workers usually were exposed to the harmful natural mineral while on the job, but others, including their family members, also faced secondary exposures at home and environmental exposures in communities that mined or processed asbestos.
Occupations that are at high risk for exposure in older buildings include firefighters, contractors, demolition workers, electricians, and plumbers.

Winter Storms & Asbestos

Winter SchoolFor many, they don’t even consider the harm winter can bring to asbestos-riddled buildings. However, this should be a very real fear. In fact, a Massachusetts elementary school still remains closed after a pipe burst in January. The water damaged the ceiling tiles, which contained asbestos. It is important to not expose individuals to the deadly substance. The damage released the toxic asbestos fibers into the air. Breathing in these fibers could lead to deadly cancer later in life called mesothelioma.
This isn’t the only school facing asbestos dangers from the storm. In fact, the state of Massachusetts has allocated close to $1 million to ensure schools damaged by the winter storms safely remove any asbestos.

If Diagnosed with Mesothelioma

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