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New study links Off-Road Vehicles (ORVs) use to asbestos exposure. Researchers were concerned with deposits located along the Appalachian Mountains and ranges in the West and Southwest, especially California. Children are the most susceptible to these deposits since millions of ORV operators are under 15-years-old.

ORV & Asbestos Study

International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health published the study after researchers found almost 80% of the trails used by ORVs in California, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, and Utah, were within 20 miles of substantial asbestos deposits. Almost one-third of the trails are within a mile of those deposits. These trails had naturally occurring asbestos and erionite — an asbestos-like material that occurs in sedimentary rocks of the western United States.

About ORVs

Off Road VehiclesORVs include four-wheel-drive vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles and other vehicles for off-highway use. Between 2005 and 2007, researchers estimate that 44 million Americans over age 15 used ORVs. There aren’t any concrete numbers of ORV use in children.
Until there are more studies, researchers recommend avoiding these areas, especially when the environment is dry. If people use ORVs, they should take precautions, such as wearing a safety mask and goggles. This will not eliminate exposure risk.

History of Concern

This is not the first time this information has surfaced. In 2008, the Bureau of Land Management issued an emergency closure of a portion of the Clear Creek Recreation Area in California. This is part of the New Idra Formation is. Plus, it contains the largest asbestos deposit in the nation. The US House of Representatives recently passed a bill to reopen the site for ORV use. The bill is currently awaiting approval in the Senate.

Asbestos Exposure & Mesothelioma

Peritoneal MesotheliomaGenerally, it usually takes heavy, long-term exposures to asbestos for related cancer to develop, but even minor exposures can be harmful. Activities that disturb asbestos-containing products release toxic fibers into the air.
Mesothelioma has a dose-response relationship to asbestos, which means higher doses of asbestos exposure lead to a greater risk of developing mesothelioma. When it comes to asbestos, high concentrations of fibers and long durations of exposure amount to a greater risk of developing an asbestos-related disease.
Once inhaled, the body has an especially hard time getting rid of the sharp, sometimes jagged fibers, and they build up in the lungs or abdomen over time. Many years after the first exposure, these fibers may cause cancerous changes.
Cancer starts in mesothelial cells, which comprise the protective membranes that cover the lungs, abdomen, and heart.

Get Justice for Your Mesothelioma

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