Medical Devices

medical devicesMedical devices can have great benefits, and they can save lives. They have helped change health care as we know it. However, some medical devices can be extremely dangerous, or even deadly. They injure the very same people they are supposed to help, leaving families looking for help and answers.

To make matters worse, some manufacturers may even try to cover up these problems and deny anything is wrong.

There are faulty products on supply store shelves and in hospitals right now. It’s a sad truth of the health care industry. While the Food and Drug Administration has stepped in and removed certain products from the market, this is all too often only the last resort that occurs after thousands of people have already been hurt.

At the Michael Brady Lynch Firm, we’re committed to standing up for people who have been hurt by these devices. We will never be intimidated by the size of a medical device manufacturer, no matter how big the company is. We’re here to fight for you if you’ve been harmed.

Common Defective Medical Devices

Faulty devices range from pacemakers to joint replacements to breast implants. Any medical device can cause complications, but some do so at a much higher rate than other products. Some of the more common defective medical devices our office sees include:

  • Heart valve implants, which can leak or break and require surgery
  • Pacemakers, which can beat the heart at an improper rhythm, or stop working altogether
  • Gynecological devices
  • Hip replacements, knee replacements or other joint replacements
  • Defective breast implants, which can cause damage to the body and the immune system
  • Insulin pumps

At the Michael Brady Lynch Firm, we have successfully handled a wide variety of medical device cases. We are specifically involved in the following matters:

Why Are Defective Medical Devices On the Market?

You would think it would be difficult — if not impossible — to keep a defective product on the market after it harms patients. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Although manufacturers never make a medical device with the intention of harming people, it happens all too frequently. Devices are released while research is still inconclusive, or they are not tested sufficiently. Sometimes the danger is not immediately apparent.

The duty to protect the public falls on the FDA. The FDA is tasked with monitoring all of these medical devices. Most of these products undergo extensive laboratory and clinical testing before they are approved for widespread use. However, those tests are far from infallible. Furthermore, some devices are approved for sale by the FDA through a provision that allows them to be subject to less scrutiny than normal.

All too often, dangerous medical devices are on the market and sold to hospitals for months, if not years, before a mass recall is issued. This typically only takes place after a large number of consumers have been injured by the product and a significant number of legal complaints have been filed. To file such a complaint, you’ll want an attorney on your side.

Why File a Claim?

When defective or dangerous medical devices harm consumers like you, the manufacturers need to be held responsible. They have a responsibility to test the safety of their products and warn us about any potential risks. When they fail to do this, you and your family should seek compensation to help ease your pain and get your life back to as normal as possible.

At the Michael Brady Lynch Firm, we have the experience, passion, and dedication to fight for you. If you or a loved one has been harmed by a defective medical product, contact us at (877) 513-9517 or contact us online. Consultations are free, and we’re always waiting to help.

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